Well Designed - Designed for Google Home Mini Voice Assistants ONLY. Unlike other similar mount that blocks the third grounding hole and use 3rd party power adapter, our wall mounts move google home mini out of the way without blocking the plug of another outlets and takes full advantage of Home Mini's original usb power adapter, which was meticulously designed and rigorously tested by Google.

All Cord Hidden - No longer see the google home mini dragging a long mess of power cords. It will be circled and hidden in a small slot on the back of the wall mount.

Space Saving - Simple mount, clean lifestyle. The mini never stand the way of your counter top and can be hold in bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, garages and office as long as there is a outlet.

Easy to Install - Our Google Home Mini Wall Mount is the greatest alternative to others that require drilling holes or screwing. The microphones and speakers are all exposed. Your Mini is actually more responsive in this position with the microphones facing out from the wall.


Your mini can search, communicate, schedule, play music, shop, and even control electrical appliances through voice. It is not only a close friend but also an all-around warrior.


But you like Less is More, maybe you think it can be more perfect if:


- No longer dragging the long and messy power cord


- No longer occupy the space on the counter of the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom


- Feel free to move it to other more suitable places without damaging anything


- Use it as an ornament to integrate into your home improvement style


Fortunately, we did it with a wall mount. Careful structural design, perfect wrapped in mini to avoid loose break. All power cords are hidden and it is very simple and beautiful. Unlike other similar products using their own power adapter, we take full advantage of the original power adapter, because they are designed and tested by the original factory, more secure.As long as there are idle power outlets, you can hang mini on it, the appearance of small and simple technology can perfectly integrate into your home style without damaging anything.


What are you still hesitating, and quickly join the shopping cart to experience it.


Package Includes: 1x outlet wall mount, 1x user manual (Google Home Mini and Socket not included)

Wall Mount For Google Home Mini - White - FeiYenGadgets

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